John Staluppi Skyfall
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John Staluppi Super Yacht owner
John Staluppi Car Mogul
Philanthropist & Innovator


John Staluppi with Darrell Gwynn Foundation

The John Staluppi Family is proud to be an advocate for many charitable causes. Contributions by the John Staluppi Family have made a much needed impact in the lives of people on the local and national level.

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Yacht Builder

John Staluppi Yacht Builder

Always a visionary who pushes the limits of yacht design, John Staluppi has created yachts whose performance and aesthetic are noted in nautical history. From the fastest superyacht of all time ...

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Car Magnate

John Staluppi Car Magnate

Having grown up in the golden age of the American automobile, John Staluppi's passion for car design was part of his formative years and would fuel his future accomplishments.

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Latest News

John and Jeannette Staluppi
A Message from John and Jeanette Staluppi

Through all my successes, I always made sure I put people first. There is a sign in all our dealerships that reads "Every visitor to our dealership is an honored guest in our home, every day, every time, without fail, no exceptions." In my four decades of philanthropy, our devotion to people holds true. It has been our privilege and pleasure to support these causes and we applaud those people who strive to make a difference.

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